27 enero, 2019

Lisbon, Portugal, will be the host city of WYD 2022

26 enero, 2019

The Vatican launches an app to help young people navigate bioethical issues

26 enero, 2019

A wonderful gift from Pope Francis in Panama

25 enero, 2019

/Press Conference/ An App on bioethics for young people will be presented tomorrow, Saturday 26, at the WYD in Panama

25 enero, 2019

Penitential liturgy with young detainees – Centro de Cumplimiento de Menores Las Garzas de Pacora

24 enero, 2019

Pope Francis meets with small saints

23 enero, 2019

Official Welcome at the Tocumen Airport, Panama.

23 enero, 2019

Meeting for U.S. pilgrims today

22 enero, 2019

Official figures of the World Youth Day

22 enero, 2019


21 enero, 2019

What if Gaudi had Instagram?: A WYD Exhibit Inspired by Social Media

10 enero, 2019

Young Inmates Create Pope’s World Youth Day Pastoral Staff in a Prison ! Workshop

9 enero, 2019

Panama Penitentiary is a ‘Workshop of Freedom’ for Inmates Constructing the ! World Youth Day Confessionals

17 diciembre, 2018

World Youth Day Panama 2019 presents the pilgrim’s kit

7 diciembre, 2018

WYD Panama 2019 presents the official program of the Youth Festival